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Scaffold Mesh (PET Yarn Reinforced Type)

DKM Scaffold mesh (PET Yarn Reinforced Type) is producing by a special ultrasonic welding technology which combine with the Sunshade mesh and high tenacity PET yarn reinforced HDPE sheathed straps strictly to make it have excellent tensile strength,superior impact resistance,good corrosion & erosion resistance and reliable protective properties.
DKM Scaffold mesh (PET yarn type) is more flexible than the steel wire reinforced type, ready and faster install and remove,it also provide a excellent secure screen for building projects,application designed to improve operation and standard working procedures, it have superior performance and durability in sun, wind,storm and demanding environments.

ADVANTAGES of DKM Scaffold mesh (PET Yarn Reinforced Type):
 Independently tested of the FR and Impact resistance.
 High tensile strength of strips.
 Superior impact resistance.
 Automatically detach under high wind loads.
 Without seel wire in the strips to effectively avoid finger cutting risk
 Excellent fire redartant: Flammability Index: 1. Flame Spread: 0. Heat Factor: 1.

 Faster the mesh install and removal time.
 Noise and dust suppression all in one product.
 Durable and easy to rolled up and re-usability multiple times in different projects.
 Flexible and aasy to store and delivery.

Gravel Grid

DKM Gravel grid is a flexible 3D honeycomb structures manufactured from HDPE(High Density Polyethylene ) or NPCA Nano Polymer Alloy sheets which welded together by ultrasonic technique.They are easy to install and provide the stability of pavement without the upkeep or runoff issues,also can help provide base reinforcement to a gravel driveway. It is an effective alternative to levelling an area with gravel to make it more vehicle friendly. And if you request a economical solution, the DKM Gravel grid products are most appropriate. It’s saving a huge financial cost of you and preserving the existing landscape you have.

 Flexible, light weight,easy to install,chemical stability, anti-aging and anti-acid/alkali corrosion.
 Expanded Size is adjustable, the cell height also can meet different projects request.
 Excellent rigidity and toughness property, high load strength and anti-erosion ability.
 Premium tensile strength and wide environmental adaptable.

 Used for driveways, parking pads, shed base, and paver base as loading support.

Geo Compost Bin

The DKM Geo Compost Bin is a convenient way for quickly and easily composting kitchen scraps and yard waste. DKM Geo Compost Bin is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials, it is a backyard compost system easy to set up and ideal for all skill levels, from beginners to master gardeners. The DKM Geo Compost Bin with much lower expensive,and bigger capacity on the market, Use the finished compost around trees, flowers, and garden plants to amend the soil with rich nutrients and enhance your outdoor environment.

Product Features:
Geo Compost Bin’s dense breathable holes on the wall allow optimal water and air flow.
Geo Compost Bin’s expanded size is adjustable, Pins assembly system are truly one of the easiest ways to compost
Venting system of DKM Geo Composter ensure optimal water and air flow, creating ideal conditions for kitchen scraps and yard waste to break right down.

Recommended Dimensions and fittings:
Size: 335cmx90cm / 131.9inx35.4in
(Expandable) capacity: 211 gallon / 800L
colour: Black
Material: HDPE(High Density Polyethylene)
Package Includes: 1 x Composter, 4 x Support Rod, 10 x Buckle key
Note: The Composter’s size,color,package and fittings customization is available.
How to Set Up Your Geo Compost Bin:
1. Open your composter, lay it flat to break the curl, then expand it to the desired diameter.
 As your needs grow, expand the width of your composter
 Don't use the first set of slots to complete the circle, but rather the second set for the largest recommended diameter
2. Connect and secure your composter
 Insert the compost bin closing key through the overlapping slot, and then use the buckle to lock the key
 Place a closure key through the top- most, bottom-most, and center slots at your preferred diameter
3. Your composter is now ready to use

HDPE Geogrid

DKM – HDPE Geogrid also named HDPE Sheathed Polyester Composite Geogrid, it is a high strength biaxial & uniaxial geogrid for soil reinforcement of retaining wall and ground foundation,the product consisted with a biaxial or uniaxial array of composite geosynthetic strips. The strips with high tenacity polyester fibers bundlings and coated with a polyethylene sheath.
DKM – HDPE Geogrid is extremely durable and is well suited for steep slopes and extreme PH soil conditions.It is available from 2.0m to 6.0 m width. The combination of the mechanical resistance of the polyester core with the durability of the polyethylene sheath enables its use in very aggressive conditions.

 High modulus and tensile strength(50kn to 400kn)
 Flexible and easy of installation
 Highly resistant to extreme PH soils, chemicals, micro-organisms, UV radiation and mechanical damage
 Wide range of strengths available
 Tough, durable polyethylene sheath

Tough, durable, chemical and damage resistant civil engineering construction webbing, ideal for steep slope reinforcement and soil structures.




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