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Geocell - Reinforcing Stability and Versatility for Infrastructure Projects

DKM Geocell is a flexible 3D honeycomb structures manufactured from HDPE(High Density Polyethylene ) or PCA(Polymer Molecule Alloy) sheets which welded together by ultrasonic technique. The sheet with a high tensile strength and flexible structure which is easy to install,packing and delivery. The Geocell widely use for Channel and slope erosion control, Green and retaining wall reinforcement, Soil stabilization, Load support for drive way and parking lot,etc.

They are easy to install and provide the stability of pavement,slope,riverbank and retainning wall, also can help provide base reinforcement to a gravel driveway. If you request a economical solution, the DKM Geocell products are most appropriate. It’s saving a huge financial cost of you and preserving the existing landscape you have.


•Flexible, light weight, chemical stability, anti-aging and anti-acid/alkali corrosion.
•The normal cell height 5cm ,7.5cm,10cm,15cm,20cm and expanded size both adjustable.
•Excellent rigidity and toughness property, high load strength and anti-erosion ability.
•Premium tensile strength and wide environmental adaptable.


•Load supporting for roadbed of drive way and railway.
•Bearing the dam and retaining wall’s pressure .
•Protect the slope from landslide and mudslide.
•Erosion control for channel from water flowing.
•Alao widely used for independent wall, wharf and breakwater projects, etc.

Scaffold Nets - Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Construction Sites

DKM Scaffold Nets is producing by a special welding technology which combine with the Sunshade mesh and high tenacity PET yarn/Steel wire reinforced HDPE sheathed straps strictly to make it have excellent tensile strength,superior impact resistance,good corrosion & erosion resistance and reliable protective properties.
DKM Scaffold nets is more flexible, ready and faster install and remove,it also provide a excellent secure screen for building projects,application designed to improve operation and standard working procedures, it have superior performance and durability in sun, wind,storm and demanding environments.


• Independently tested of the FR and Impact resistance.
• High tensile strength of strips.
• Superior impact resistance.
• Special edge treatment effectively avoid finger cutting risk
• Excellent fire redartant.


• Faster the mesh install and removal time.
• Noise and dust suppression all in one product.
• Durable and easy to rolled up and re-usability multiple times in different projects.
• Flexible and aasy to store and delivery.


• Used in Building,Bridge or other project Constructions
• Falling objects protection,protect the workers
• Wind and dust controlling,beautify the construction site
• Enclosure systems to protect people around
• Reduce sound pollutions

Geomembrane - Reliable Containment Solutions for Environmental Protection

HDPE smooth geomembrane is produced from high density polyethylene, UV-Resistance and Anti-aging materials which with impermeable and ultraviolet resistance properties,provide an impermeable barrier against a wide range of solids and liquids. The DKM Geomembranes exhibit excellent chemical and UV resistance,impermeability, and high yield strengths, which is widely used for seepage control in special industries, have been widely used for waste containment,aquaculture, water containment, reservoirs, sewage treatment ponds.

Features and Characteristics:

1.DKM Geomembranes made from 100% HDPE materials with excellent physical and mechanic performance.
2. DKM Geomembranes produced by advanced automatic equipment and three-layer pressing technology. Product quality following with GB, GRI and ASTM test standard.
3. DKM Geomembranes with high tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability.
4. Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property.
5. Good adaptability to high and low temperature (Service temperature range: -70°C~110°C ).
6. Complete width(1.0m - 8.0m) and thickness specifications(0.2mm - 3.0mm).
7. Good flexibility and High puncture- resisting ,tensile strength and elongation.


1. Aquaculture:
DKM Geomembrane liners can be used as fish ponds, shrimp pond, and other aquaculture base on its anti-seepage features.
2. Landfill:
DKM Geomembrane is widely used in the bottom of the landfill liner, landfill sealing cover, leachate regulating pool liner, etc.
3. Foundation Treatment:
DKM Geomembrane widely used in water and damp proof in basement,building foundation,subway and tunnel.
4. Water Treatment System :
DKM geomembrane is applied to the adjustment of the power plant and sewage treatment plants pool.

Synthetic Fibers - Enhancing Strength and Durability in Various Industries

DKM Synthetic Fiber products are made from 100% virgin PP or PET granular by Extruding and stretching technology.
The products can highly Increase th concrete seepage and cracking resistance,improve the concrete tensile, bending and folding strength after filling into the concrete, effectively to improve the projects performance and service life.

Feature & Function

1.The DKM Synthetic Fiber added into the concrete can effectively decrease the spray concrete's deformation rate(Walls can reduce more 8%,Roofs reduce more 12%).
2.Help to popularize the spray technology and improve the constructing efficiency.
3.Improve the Homogeneity, impact resistance, wear resistance and flexural strength of the concrete.


1.600g/900g/1000g per Film bag.
2.12kg per Woven bag.
3.Packing by Cartons.


1. DKM Synthetic Fiber widely use for the concrete road, bridge, airport road and factory floor projects which strictly request for the high cracking resistance.
2. DKM Synthetic Fiber widely use for the walls of tunnels, mines, roofs and reservoir projects with special construction.
3. Military defense works, dock banks,river courses and dams, etc.




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