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Heavy Duty Reusable Polyester Flame Retardant Scaffold Mesh

DKM Heavy Duty Type Flame Retardant Composite Scaffold Mesh is producing by a special ultrasonic welding technology which combine with the Sunshade mesh and high tensile grid strictly to make it have excellent tensile strength,superior impact resistance,good corrosion & erosion resistance and reliable protective properties.
Apertuer Size:
Roll Width:
Roll Length:
  • Scaffold Mesh


DKM Heavy Duty Reusable Polyester Flame Retardant Scaffold Mesh, designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability in even the harshest conditions. This professional-grade mesh is built to withstand the relentless forces of the sun, wind, storms, and demanding environments, ensuring long-lasting protection and reliability.

With superior impact resistance, our scaffold mesh provides an added layer of safety, safeguarding your workers and equipment from potential hazards. Its robust construction offers peace of mind, knowing that your project is shielded against unexpected impacts and accidents.

In addition to its exceptional strength, our scaffold mesh boasts excellent fire retardant properties. This crucial feature ensures that any potential fire risks are effectively minimized, providing a safe working environment for your team. With our flame retardant mesh, you can focus on your tasks with confidence, knowing that you have taken the necessary precautions to prevent fire incidents.

Furthermore, our scaffold mesh goes the extra mile in terms of safety. The special edge processing of our product effectively eliminates the risk of finger injuries, ensuring the well-being of your workers. This thoughtful design detail demonstrates our commitment to providing a product that not only performs exceptionally but also prioritizes the safety of those who use it.

Invest in our Heavy Duty Reusable Polyester Flame Retardant Scaffold Mesh, and experience the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and safety. Whether you're working on a construction site, industrial project, or any other demanding environment, our scaffold mesh is the ideal solution to protect your workers, equipment, and investments. Trust in our professional-grade product to deliver outstanding results, every time.

ADVANTAGES of Heavy-Duty Type Composite Scaffold Mesh :


• Independently tested of the FR and Impact resistance.

• High tensile strength of strips.

• Superior impact resistance.

• Automatically detach under high wind loads.

• Special edge processed effectivly avoid the risk of finger cut.

• Excellent fire redartant:

Flammability Index: 1.

Flame Spread: 0.

Heat Factor: 1.


• Faster the mesh install and removal time.

• Noise and dust suppression all in one product.

• Multiple uses.

• Flexible and aasy to store and delivery.

DKM Scaffold Mesh (Heavy Duty Type)

Mesh Aperture Size(mm):


Bearing strength per strip

≥200kg of each chain

Unit Weight (g/m2)

780g(±50g) /㎡

Mesh strips Width


Mesh strips Thickness



Fire Retardant.


Blue,Red,Black or according customization


100% Virgin UV Resistance HDPE shealthed Steel wire/PET Yarn reinforced strips combine with HDPE sunshade mesh.

Roll Width:


Roll length:

10m/15m/20m, etc

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