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Polyethylene Drainage Board for Roof Water Draining

The DKM Polyethylene Drainage Board is made from high density polyethylene plastic and it is a kind of geomembrane with dimples on the surface. Which have good properties such as high impact resistance and pressure resistance which can resist long-term high pressure, and avoid generate deformation. It could also be coated by non-woven geotextile. The liquid and gas can go through freely between dimples.
Dimple Height(mm):
Roll Width:
Roll Length:
  • DKM Polyethylene Drainage Board

The DKM drainage board is made from high density polyethylene plastic and it is a kind of geomembrane with dimples on the surface.

The DKM Polyethylene Drainage Board, designed to meet your drainage needs with utmost efficiency. This product showcases outstanding features such as high impact resistance and pressure resistance, ensuring its durability even in the harshest conditions.

Our Polyethylene Drainage Board is specifically engineered to resist long-term high pressure, making it a reliable choice for various applications. With its exceptional ability to avoid deformation, rest assured that this drainage board will maintain its shape and functionality over time.

One of the key benefits of our Polyethylene Drainage Board lies in its unique design, allowing for the seamless passage of both liquid and gas between its dimples. This enables efficient drainage and ventilation, ensuring optimal performance.

Crafted with precision and adhering to the highest quality standards, our Polyethylene Drainage Board is the ideal solution for your drainage requirements. Trust in its professional-grade construction to deliver exceptional results and provide long-lasting performance.

Choose our Polyethylene Drainage Board today and experience the perfect blend of reliability, durability, and functionality.



· Waterproofing and drainage: form a channel, which water and gas can go through.

· Sound insulation and vibration isolation.

· Chemical resistance, resist to plants'root.

· Promotes fast and excellent plant growth.

· Reduces urban flooding.

· Reduces water contamination by filtering at source.


· Landscape engineering: garage top greening, roof garden, football field, golf course, beach project.

· Municipal engineering: road base, subway, tunnel, landfill.

· Construction engineering  : upper or bottom layer of building foundation, basement wall, bedding filtration and heat insulation.

· Traffic engineering: highway, railway basement, dam and slope.

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