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Durable Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber

DKM Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber is a new type and high-performance of Synthetic fiber which is made from polypropylene as raw materials by a special processing technology.DKM PP Macro fibers have widely used in concrete road, bridge, airport, tunnels, mines, roofs and factory floor project, and effectively control the micro cracking issue in result of plastic shrinkage, air shrinkage, temperature variation, and prevent the crack from widening.
  • Synthetic Staple Fiber

DKM Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber, the perfect solution for enhancing the strength and durability of concrete panel structures. Designed to replace traditional welded metal grids and steel fibers, this innovative product offers a range of impressive features that will elevate the performance of your concrete projects.

One of the key advantages of our Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber is its ability to significantly increase seepage resistance. By incorporating this fiber into your concrete panels, you can effectively prevent the unwanted passage of water, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your structures. Say goodbye to costly repairs and maintenance caused by water damage, as our fiber offers superior protection against seepage.

Furthermore, our Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber excels in extending the service life of concrete. With its exceptional strength and reinforcement properties, it effectively minimizes cracking, even under heavy loads and extreme conditions. This means that your concrete panels will maintain their integrity for a longer period, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you valuable time and resources.

In addition to its durability benefits, our Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber also enhances the fire resistance of concrete. By incorporating this fiber into your structures, you can significantly improve their ability to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire. This feature is particularly crucial in applications where fire safety is a top priority, ensuring the protection of both property and lives.

Choose our Micro Industrial Synthetic Staple Fiber for your concrete panel projects and experience the ultimate combination of strength, durability, and fire resistance. With its exceptional performance and professional-grade quality, this product is the ideal choice for construction professionals seeking to elevate the standards of their concrete structures. Trust in our innovative fiber to deliver outstanding results and exceed your expectations.



Inner package is 0.9kg/1.0kg per bag; 18 or 20 bags packing by one woven bag.



1. Suggestion of Additive rate: 5.4kgs fiber in one cubic meter concrete. (not less than 2.7kg/M3)

2. Technic of mixture: Put the fiber into detritus first, then put grit to mix for about 2 minutes, to make the fiber to be dispersed. Then put cement and water to mix as per normal technology.



1. Increase seepage resistance and extending the service life of concrete. 

2. Increase cracking and fire resistance of concrete.

3. Improve tensile, bending and folding strength of concrete.

4. Excellent acid & alkali resistance and good endurance



1. DKM PP Micro fibers widely use for the concrete road, bridge, airport road and factory floor projects which strictly request for the high cracking resistance.

2. DKM PP Micro fibers widely use for the walls of tunnels, mines, roofs and reservoir projects with special construction.

3. Military defense works, dock banks,river courses and dams, etc.






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