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Professional Manufacturing Cmpetitive Cellular Confinement Geocell Prices

DKM Geocell is a cellular confinement system manufactured from HDPE(High Density Polyethylene ) or P.C.A sheets which welded together by ultrasonic technique. It utilised enhance slope protection by stabilising the soil and steep slopes for earth retention in construction sites and widely use for Channel and slope erosion control, Green and retaining wall reinforcement, Soil stabilization, Load support for drive way and parking lot,etc.
It acts as a barrier to control erosion in embankments and channel slopes, river banks, and bridge abutments. The stabilisation properties of the geocells make them ideal for the construction of roadbeds, road expansions, and parking lots.
Cell Height:
Cell sheet Tensile Strength:
  • DKM Geocell

DKM-Cmpetitive Prices Cellular Confinement Geocell , an efficient and cost-effective solution for all your slope and driveway needs. Designed to provide exceptional performance, this product is perfect for various applications such as channel and slope erosion control, green and retaining wall reinforcement, soil stabilization, and load support for driveways and parking lots.

When it comes to soil stabilization, our Geocell is a reliable choice. It provides a stable base for your projects, reducing the risk of settlement and maintaining the integrity of the soil. This is especially crucial for areas with weak or loose soil, ensuring the longevity of your construction.

Additionally, our Geocell is specifically designed to offer superior load support for driveways and parking lots. It distributes the weight evenly, preventing the formation of potholes and reducing the need for frequent repairs. This not only saves you time and money but also ensures a smooth and safe surface for vehicles.

Invest in our Competitive Geocell today and experience the benefits of a professional-grade product. With its exceptional features and versatility, it is the ideal choice for slope and driveway projects. Trust in our Geocell to provide the stability, reinforcement, and support you need for your erosion control, soil stabilization, and load-bearing requirements.



•Flexible, light weight, chemical stability, anti-aging and anti-acid/alkali corrosion.

•Expanded Size is adjustable, the cell height also can meet different projects request.






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