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Professional Pavement Fiberglass Geogrid 100KN

DKM Pavement Fiberglass Geogrid is a ploymer coated fiberglass geogrid, helps reinforce the asphalt on flexible pavement to enhance pavement life and performance,expand pavement life up to 3 times by reducing reflective cracking.
Fiberglass geogrid feature a unique coating that provides excellent heat resistance and stability to a melting point above 1000 ℃ as well as very low shrinkage and ultimate elongation to create a rigid asphalt layer.
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DKM Fiberglass Geogrid, designed to meet your pavement reinforcement needs. With a professional tone, we present a product description that highlights its exceptional features and benefits.

Our Fiberglass Geogrid is specially engineered to enhance the lifespan of flexible pavements by reinforcing the asphalt. Crafted with utmost precision, this product is a game-changer for roads, highways, and airports.

One of the key advantages of our Fiberglass Geogrid is its ability to strengthen the asphalt on flexible pavements, ensuring long-lasting durability. By providing superior reinforcement, it minimizes cracking and rutting, which are common issues faced by pavement structures.

This geogrid is strategically placed underneath the bitumen wearing course, acting as a robust support system. It effectively distributes the load and stress across the pavement, preventing premature wear and tear. With our Fiberglass Geogrid, you can trust that your pavement will withstand heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions, and constant use.


· Significantly increases the useful life of roads and other tarmacked surfaces.

· Minimizes both thermal and stress related reflective cracking.

· Reduces pavement rutting under high ambient temperatures and intense wheel loads.

· The polymeric coating helps to further optimize the chemical compatibility between the fiberglass reinforcement and the pavement overlay.


· Placed underneath the bitumen wearing course in roads, highways and airports to control reflective cracking.

· New build and repairing damaged tarmacked surfaces on roads, motorways, car parks, access roads and airports.

· High traffic pavement to control of rutting.

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